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January 10, 2013
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Rising-Crowns: Quill *updated* by Golly-chan Rising-Crowns: Quill *updated* by Golly-chan
Name: Quill Zaurae
Age: 60
PoB: The Eternal Goblin Empire of Karsh, Orsa Isles, The Fissure (Drow Sector)
Residence: The Fissure
Rank: 2
Profession: Spy (professional creeper) / Guard of Velimir
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 210

Info: In Karsh, Quill and his older brother, Saber, were both born. Their parents had to work and were often absent, so the siblings spent most of their time together exploring the fissure. Saber was a mentor to him in many ways, but he wanted to explore the outside world. So once he was old enough, he gave Quill a violin as a parting gift and left to adventure in the borderlands.

Over the years, Saber would send back money and various gifts from his travels, and occasionally return to tell his family about what he'd seen. But then something happened. He did not return home for a long time. Eventually, a letter came to the family. He had been killed in an accident, and a friend of his had found him and written the letter for his family.

Quill was not close to his parents, so they did not speak much about it. He grieved alone, and grew more apart from his family. His mother eventually split from his father and started a new family with a lover, and his father completely devoted himself to working. Quill no longer wished to stick around, so he took his violin and some money and left to explore outside Karsh in Saber's footsteps.

Since then, he's lived his life as an explorer/wanderer, taking odd jobs to get by and only returning home occasionally.

And then he met Velimir and his life got flipped, turned upside down. So now he's his guide/bodyguard.

* Self-taught, but he plays the fiddle like a mad boss
* Both of his parents practiced arcane magic
* Is trying to learn magic

Completed Quests: (13)
+ Festival of Blunt Daggers
+ Karsh secret spy quest 1
+ Border Patrol
+ Death By Shinies…
+ Rites of Succession…
+ New Life (Growth)…
+ Under Lock and Key… ( collab with ~Canajun )
+ New Life (Growth) 2
+ New Life (Birth)
+ Spy mission…
+ Punching a fish in the face…
+ Karshan Delights…
+ Running of the Spiders…
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Muirlyn Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Muirlyn Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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